Cesar Sasami Gourmet Meal - Pouch


Rs. 59.50


  1. This gourmet dog food is cooked in a way that keeps the natural taste of its ingredients intact and serve as a perfect treat for dogs. This gourmet food provides your dog with a lot of taste, but with lower fat. Made with steamed sasami in a jelly base, Cesar promises to make festivals more engaging and fun treat for Dogs.
  2. An extremely delicious dog food with premium sasami meat for your dog
  3. Low calorie food with steamed low-fat sasami in a jelly base
  4. Cooked to keep the natural taste of its ingredients intact
  5. High-quality meal provides 35kcal energy per pack, an ideal festive treat for dogs
  6. Provides 9% protein, 5% fiber and 87% moisture
  7. The perfect treat with a pleasing consistency

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