SkyEc Tick Free Anti-Tick SpotOn Liquid 20-40kg


Rs. 445.50


  1. Composition
  2. Fipronil  : 9.8% w/v
  3. S-Methoprene  : 8.8% w/v
  4. Excipients  : q.s

  5. Pipette
  6. Dogs between 20kg - 40kg : Pipette of 2.68ml

  7. Indications and Benefits
  8. TickFree SpotOn Provides fast, effective and convenient treatment to control & Remove Tick , Fleas and Lice in Dogs
  9. Anti-Irritant Agents added, While applying TickFree SpotOn Wounds or swelling will not happen.
  10. High grade drug carrier used to improve efficacy and to control the release of drugs into systemic circulation
  11. Kills ticks, fleas, fleas stages for at least 1 month.
  12. Long lasting upto 3 months for fleas

  13. Direction for Use
  14. Snap applicator tip away from face and body. Place applicator tip through animal's hair to skin level between the shoulder blades. Squeeze container, applying the entire contents in a one or two spot to the animal's skin. Only one container per treatment is needed.
  15. Do not bath dog for 24 hrs. preferably 72 hrs after application.
  16. Do not reapply Tickfree Spoton for 30 days.

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  18.  2.68ml

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