Kennel Nylon Adjustable Body (W = 1 1/4")


Rs. 396.00


    1. Kennel Nylon Adjustable Body is an attractive and durable body belt for your dog. Body belts are especially suited for dogs who have very delicate throats. Usually when a dog pulls on his leash, the pressure is placed on the throat. With a body belt the pressure is diverted to the breastbone rather than the throat, making walk time easier and more comfortable. The Kennel Nylon Adjustable Body has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Its simple design makes it very easy to put it on and take it off your pet. This harness is in a figure-8 style that is completely adjustable. Simply pass the dog's head through the round hole in the front of the harness while ensuring that the clip is positioned on the top of his back. Secure the buckle under his belly, between the front and back legs. Adjust the belt to ensure a perfect fit for your pet. The body harness should be snug but also loose enough to fit 2 fingers comfortably between your dog and the harness at any point. This product is made from high quality, fray resistant, washable nylon material that is comfortable for the dog's skin. The nylon is stitched securely ensuring that the product is durable. This body is 1-1/4" in thickness and is available in 5 colours - black, red, blue, maroon and brown.

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